Marty Samuels

Dr. Marty Samuels

Associate Director for Science
Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

As Associate Director for Science, Marty is excited to support faculty and graduate students who are teaching science and math courses. In particular, Marty’s training as a structural biologist taught him how a rigorous scientific understanding of natural phenomena empowers one to consider the world more deeply, ask and answer questions at the frontiers of our understanding, vet new scientific findings, and design new experiments, technologies, and medicines. Marty is eager to collaborate with faculty and graduate students to design and teach courses that allow students to realize the explanatory and innovative power of their disciplines in an empowering way.

Prior to joining the Bok Center, Marty served as an Assistant Director for Undergraduate Studies for the Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) and Chemical and Physical Biology (CPB) concentrations, in which capacity he was a co-instructor in Life and Physical Sciences A (LPS A), MCB 60, and MCB 65. He earned his PhD in Biochemistry at Harvard University, and his BA in Biochemical Sciences from the University of Chicago.

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