Alia Qatarneh

Alia Qatarneh

Life Sciences Outreach Program Coordinator
Massachusetts Amgen Biotech Experience Program Director
LabXchange Secondary School Implementation Coordinator
 Alia  Qatarneh

As a biologist, Alia has had various experiences within academic laboratories and clinical research. Outside of academia, she has developed a love for student affairs through her work in Residential Life at Northeastern University. As an artist, she incorporates her creativity into her everyday science education work. 

Alia has had the pleasure to serve hundreds of high school science teachers and thousands of middle and high school students in the New England area as the Site Coordinator, and now Site Director, for the Massachusetts ABE Program site for eight years. Consequently, she has developed skills at the lab bench and in the classroom that serve as the foundation for a hybrid approach to teaching and learning.

Alia holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology form Northeastern University, a Master of Liberal Arts degree in biotechnology at Harvard University, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

Contact Information

Science Center,
1 Oxford Street, Room 401
Cambridge, MA 02138