Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Lab Technical Aid

The Life Sciences Outreach Program houses one laboratory technical aid during the academic year. The position is geared towards upperclassmen in the life sciences who have taken undergraduate courses such as LS 1A, LPSA, PS 11, and CHEM 17 and who have lab experience other than required by lab sections to courses. Our undergraduate lab technical aids feel comfortable with their wet lab skills (micropipetting, aseptic techniques, basic biotechnology protocols) so as to exhibit confidence in working independently. Aids traditionally support all of LSO efforts including lab prep for the Spring Program and biotech kit construction for the Amgen Biotech Experience Program. Aids interested in science education can try their hand as an assistant Teaching Fellow for high school students during the spring semester. 

Harvard Ed Portal Mentoring Program

Become a Harvard Ed Portal Mentor. Each semester, upwards of 25 Harvard College undergraduate students are selected to serve as Ed Portal Mentors and guided by Susan L. Johnson, Manager of Teaching and Curriculum under the direction of Professor Robert A. Lue, Faculty Director of the Harvard Ed Portal. The Ed Portal Mentors engage with Allston-Brighton children of a variety of ages and backgrounds in science, math, writing, public speaking, technology and the arts. Mentors are committed to the vision of the Ed Portal as a community of learning without limits, and strive to instill in local youth the understanding that learning is a lifelong process.