SHS students design forensic lab with assistance from Harvard

June 30, 2015

Although most students in June are looking forward to getting through final exams and beginning their summer vacations, three juniors at Stoneham High School have been busy pursuing new scientific frontiers with the help of Harvard University’s Life Science Outreach Program.

Outreach Program Engages Students in Scientific Research

April 16, 2015

Two dozen high school seniors from the Boston area gathered in lab in the Science Center Tuesday morning, eagerly donning gloves and goggles as they prepared to perform a three-hour long lab on polymerase chain reactions and gel electrophoresis.

East Boston High School and the Life Sciences Outreach Program

January 14, 2015

According to Alia Qatarneh, Research Assistant for the Life Sciences Outreach Program at Harvard University, experiential learning in high school science classrooms has been continuously advancing, with more students engaging in complex procedures. 

Learning Life in the Lab

January 15, 2013

High school students from Chelsea tried their hands at a little genetic engineering last Thursday, in a lab exercise at Harvard’s Science Center that first coaxed bacteria to produce a red fluorescent protein, and then harvested the material.