Lecture 1

Hello Teachers! Here are some resources for or in response to Lecture 1 with Professor Sean Eddy and Graudate Student Shirlee Wohl

  • If you are looking for the fasta file that Susan created, it can be found and downloaded here
    • For the Sabeti Lab exercise below, teachers can use Jalview (free, online platform), or the more intuitive Geneious platform if they can purchase a 30 day education license. 
    • Some teachers were experiencing difficulty using Jalview on their PCs. Please make sure you follow the directions and close the windows the automatically open with the program. You will see one window that is blank. There is where you can drag and drop the fasta file onto. 
  • Dr. Todd Ryan would like to share the Origin Stories Podcasts with the group (search for Episode 13).
  • A version of Professor Eddy's presentation is provided below.
Complete Classroom Resource: Disease Detectives.pdf925 KB
Additional Resource: Ebola outbreak traced to the funeral of traditional healer630 KB
Additional Resource: (Teacher Guide) Ebola outbreak traced to the funeral of traditional healer1.05 MB
Professor Sean Eddy's Lecture on 10/26/1718.25 MB