Exploring Biodiversity

The following resources were developed for classroom use by high school biology teachers who participated in MCB-HHMI Outreach's Summer 2010 "Experimental Biology and Multimedia Workshop". This year's topic was Exploring Biodiversity.

Keep in mind that lesson formats vary greatly because each was developed with a particular classroom in mind. All lessons align with state and national science standards as described within the lesson or in an accompanying file.

What is Happening to Biodiversity?
Catherine Erickson (Introductory and AP Biology)
Digital Taxonomic Guide
Edward Barry (Introductory and AP Biology)
Biodiversity Throughout all Kingdoms
Beth Baker (Introductory Biology)
Scavenger Hunt and Biodiversity Blog
Todd Ryan (Introductory and Advanced Biology)
Shoreline Biodiversity and the Simpson Diversity Index
Susan Taylor (Introductory and Advanced Biology)
Biodiversity of Microbes in the Human Gut
Tammy Due (Introductory and AP Biology)
Conservation of Biodiversity Through Agricultural Practices
Amy Richard (Introductory and Intermediate Biology
Biodiversity in Your Own Backyard
Erica Browne (Introductory Biology)
Variation, Selection, and Time
Mark Stephansky (Introductory and AP Biology)
Arctic Biodiversity and Climate Change
Matt Bingham (Introductory Biology and AP Environmental Science)
Polar Bears: Endangered
Peter K Spiers (Introductory Biology)