The following resources were developed for classroom use by high school biology teachers who participated in MCB-HHMI Outreach's Summer 2006 "Experimental Biology and Multimedia Workshop". This year's topic was "Evolution".

Keep in mind that lesson formats vary greatly because each was developed with a particular classroom in mind. All lessons align with state and national science standards as described within the lesson or in an accompanying file.

The History of Life and Theory of Evolution
Beth Mick ( Introductory biology)
Adaptation and Primate Evolution
Cate Stabile (Introductory biology)
Cynthia Freyberger (Introductory biology)
Mass Extinction and Diversification
Diane Robinson (Introductory biology )
Vestigial Organs and Bipedalism
Donna Browne (Introductory Biology)
Penguin and Whale Evolution
Elena Gourlis Drane (Advanced Biology)
Creation Myths
Erica Cole (Introductory Biology)
If They Can Mate, Can They Speciate?
Jim Dixon (Advanced Biology)
Evolutionary Jeopardy
Joel Gluck (Introductory Biology)
How Did Life Originate?
Kerri Coleman (Introductory Biology)
Geologic Time Scale
Laurie St. Pierre (Introductory Biology)
The Case for Evolution
Lucy McKone (Introductory Biology)
Origin of Life
Mel Christy (Introductory Biology)
Who Wants to Be an Evolutionary Millionaire?
Sophia Gonzales (Introductory Biology)